Angus McCurdy’s just sounds like a restaurant that focuses on meat. The first part of the name stems from the type of beef used for their tri-tip, while the last is one of their extended family’s surnames. The Hick’s Family began serving food at the Little League snack bar at Bryant Glen in Yucaipa. After many pleas by satisfied customers, they opened a restaurant about 2 years ago on Yucaipa Boulevard with another slated for Redlands in the fall.

The menu is relatively simple: a number of burgers with or without bacon, onion rings, fries, a couple of salads and, of course, tri-tip in various guises including a sandwich, tri-tip fries, tri-tip salad and tri-tip chili.

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Angus McCurdy's Yucaipa


Business Hours

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 8pm

Friday & Saturday: 11am - 9pm

Angus McCurdy's At Parrish Pioneer Ranch Oak Glen


Business Hours

Monday - Friday: from 11 to 5

Saturday & Sunday: from 11 to 6


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Angus McCurdy's Yucaipa

Angus McCurdy's At Parrish Pioneer Ranch Oak Glen